Friday, April 15, 2016

Dogwoods and Spring

The Dogwood tree and it's blooms are so pretty.  They have always held a special place in my heart. Years ago, when my father passed away, my Mom told us Dad really liked them.  So I think of him when I see them each spring.  I have memories of us picking the headstone for his grave. And in my mind we picked the dogwood flowers for his stone. You have to know I change flowers on his grave often.  I've been there in each season.  I've cleaned off the stone.  I've sat by it and talked with Dad.  I have looked at it many times through the years. And yet..  

Here is what I thought was on his stone ...for 35 plus years.

Here is what is actually on his stone:

Blow me over with a feather! 

But I'm getting so off from where I was headed.

I love the dogwood trees.  I don't remember seeing them in Michigan where I grew up.  Only when we came home.  I associate them with Tennessee and spring.  And freshness.  And hope.   
 And my Dad who liked them.          
I love how one day it's dreary and before you know it. WHAM!  Spring is here!!!  And there are other trees and plants besides Dogwoods... 

  But first here are some more pictures of the lovely Dogwood to enjoy. 

Next is our Redbud limb from a tree that is the about the same size as a Dogwood. It makes me smile that the Redbud tree is purple.  It's whimsical.  I love whimsy

Image result for redbud tree pictures

And have you seen the May apples? They are plants that come in April. They look like umbrellas on a New York street in a downpour.  But they grow in the shade of the woods. They are magical.  Some wonder if faeries are living below them or maybe they play among them. But beware!!! All the plant is poisoned except the fruit. But it might make you feel sick. So I'm not trying them. 


But I can't leave you without saying that all of this reminds me of the greatness of our Heavenly Father. All nature shouts of His Glory.  Do you think maybe He created spring for us so when the world around us seems to have gone mad, we will have hope? Just wondering.

So what spring plants and trees bring you joy?

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