Friday, August 26, 2011


I must admit. I buy notebooks though none of my children or my grand baby is in school. I love a blank book with lovely pages ready to record any fancy my mind wishes to expound upon. So I buy new notebooks. I mean they are such a good price. A down right steal. Right? Than sometimes I share them with a daughter here and there because she also loves a blank page full of promise of a beautiful thought or a delightful story or a beckoning list. It’s like I gave her a piece of the finest chocolate. And don’t even get me started on pencils. Lovely, lovely pencils.

Well, okay since you got me started. One of the best presents ever was pencils already sharpened from my friend Ellen. Delightful! You get them at Walmart they are a natural wood color and they come SHARPENED! Already! I know, you are scratching your head. But I'm a little challenged when it comes to being organized and I can never find a pencil sharpener. So pre-sharpened pencils rule. And even if you have a sharpener they don't have the same kind of point. I'm getting off on a tangent. Let's leave it that I love pencils and sharpened wood colored pencils especially. Though I may branch out and dally with pencils of other colors. As I have occasionally taken a stroll on the wild side and tried to draw with colored pencils. Alas, the only pictures I can paint are with words. But I'm good with that. But my heart for now, belongs to the natural, pre-sharpened pencils that record my thoughts, dreams and lists.

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  1. I, too, never had a sharpener when I needed one, so I made Dave buy me one of those high quality wall school-type sharpeners. It is lovely and smells wonderful! :)