Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gifts, Gifts, Gifts

Dr. Gary Chapman wrote a really good book. Actually he has wrote a lot of good books. But I digress. The book I'm thinking of is The 5 Love Languages. It tells how we each feel loved and give love in different ways.
 For instance, I feel loved by gifts. I wrote in another blog where my friend Ellen gave me wood colored, pre-sharpened pencils. They were one of my fav gifts ever. Another one that comes to mind is a cross necklace from my daughter and than son in law. I still feel loved when I wear it and it was given to me forever ago. I know she put a lot of thought in it. I can remember a quilt from my wedding shower, glasses with our initial W on them, a Doggie cookie jar. I loved them all.  Enjoyed them in my early years of marriage.  When I was a child my dear Aunt Tiny gave me a little perfume set. It was the only gift I remember from my aunts. People didn't give gifts as much than. I have a gazillion first cousins so it wasn't practical. But that year she gave me a gift. I have always remembered.   My Grandma gave me a little Golden Book Bible Story. I loved it. I don't remember other gifts from her. There were a lot of us. But I felt loved than. And  my oldest Mandi was given a beautiful bright red and blue knit blanket when she was born from Paul's Aunt Sandy. Aunt Sandy and Grandma Bauman came to visit us in one of the many places we have lived and she brought this blanket with primary colors and teddy bears. Everything else we had been given for Mandi had been soft pink, yellow or green. This was vibrant and different. We still have it.  Gifts are awesome.  I love them.  They make me smile.

There is a verse in Proverbs that says:
A gift in secret pacifies anger....

None of these gifts mentioned were given in secret or to pacify anger but what a neat concept.  It's one thing to give a gift out of love, to celebrate a wedding, a baby, a new home, Christmas.  But give one to pacify anger?  I'm assuming if there is anger that someone has a problem with someone else. And when you have a problem with someone the last thing I would think of would be giving them a gift.  But this is a way to deal with a problem that can't be resolved. I know someone that gave a gift anonymously to a couple they had a problem with and it all worked out.  They than were able to get along together well.  Amazing!  I think it is worth a try.  So next time you have a situation were there is anger and you can't seem to resolve it.  Give a gift!  In secret!    

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