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"Living in sin"

We, the church are so quick to point a finger and whisper and gossip and judge.  And it isn't God's plan for couples.  Marriage is His plan.  I believe in it with my whole heart!  So I'm not condoning living together.

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But let me take a bit of liberty here.  "Living in sin"  is usually associated with living together and not being married.  But let me suggest to you, that maybe pointing fingers and not loving these people into the kingdom might just be "living in sin' also. We are judging them.  Wait let me ask you Do you struggle with a sin even though you are saved?  Do you lie?  NO?  Gossip? No?  How about worry? No?  Do you perhaps eat to much? Gluttony? No?   Which sin has been around so long that it's like a pet?  Pride?  Envy?  Hate?  Lust?   Are you uncomfortable yet?  I am and I'm writing this.  Unsettling isn't it?

Well as Christians we are forgiven but we aren't perfect yet.  We are postionally perfect  but we haven't walked it all the way out yet.  We are on that journey though.  I suggest many of us are "living in sin"  and we should not cast the first stone.

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Remember as Jesus told them to take the woman caught in adultery and the one without sin could cast the first stone.  Can you imagine the scene?  The angry crowd that just  moments ago were shouting and accusing.. the woman laying on the ground, ashamed as her deepest sin is out there for all to hear about.  But now there is silence on the hot day, a little breeze blowing perhaps,  Can you see it?  Jesus squatted down writing something in the dirt.  Maybe the women crying softly as she fears for her life. and slowly you hear the stones drop, one by one on the hot dirt street.  Cause I believe they were hefty solid rocks because when we want to accuse others we pick up the hefty rocks to sling.  Our rocks are words though.  We spit them out with disgust and judgement. Do you SEE what they are doing?  How THEY are living?  We get all smug and self-righteous as we hurl our word stones now a days.  We don't "stone" with real rocks any more. We are less obvious.

Image result for free pictures of Jesus and the woman caught in adultery

But back to our scene.. The stones drop one by one. hitting the dirt with a swirl of dust floating up in the afternoon sunshine as Jesus continues to write something in the dirt.  Quiet footsteps fade away down the street until not one accuser is left.  Jesus says to her in John 8:10-11 "Woman, where are those accusers of yours?  Has no one condemned you?"  She said, "No one, Lord,"  And Jesus said to her, "Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more."

Image result for free pictures of Jesus and the woman caught in adultery

He doesn't give her a pass.  He does tell her to sin no more.   According to the law of that day she should have been stoned for she was "in sin".  But he didn't condemn her.  He said sin no more.  And He is till saying to us "sin no more".  And we like her endeavor to obey.  But we struggle.

We must remember how much He has forgiven us and how we are still working out our salvation with fear and trembling.  Only confront sin in others if the Holy Spirit is guiding you into doing it. A word fitly spoken into lives.  For mercy's sake don't go out on your own and try and do the Holy Spirit's job.  Condemnation doesn't lead to repentance.  Conviction does.

You want to do something about other's sin???  Really???  Do you really???  No kidding???

Then let me suggest this radical idea.....Love on people.  Show mercy!  Shine His light in the darkness!!  Be kind!!  You are to be Christ like.   Speak the truth in love led by Him not by your own fears and pettiness.  Love them into the Kingdom!!!  It's simple.  Spend time with Him and his Word and walk it out and lead by example.  Be ye Kind one to another!

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And if you want to do something about your own sin here is a link to a teaching about obedience:

Remember this verse:  "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness" (I John 1:9

Post note.....
It is a balancing act to teach truth to our children and grandchildren while being forbearing and loving.  But pray, pray, pray and He says if you lack wisdom He will give it to you.   

I admit I'm still learning but I think my thoughts here are in line with the Word of God.

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