Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Dare You

There are some little boys on my bus who see an adventure in everything. One lives by some woods. He just moved there and he is convinced there are wolves and rattlesnakes in the woods. He even claims he saw a bobcat. And for months another boy just KNEW the log in the lake was really an alligator. Even though it was always in the same place. And when Tristan went to city lake. He asked if sharks were in there.
They still have wonder in their eyes and expectation in their hearts that there is an adventure to be had. Reminds me of Huck Finn. I always loved how Huck was ready at any moment to explore or have fun. I could imagine floating down the Mississippi with him and Jim in the canoe. The sun shining down, fish jumping in the water. Just a sunny lazy day to enjoy all God made: trees, water, fish, sunshine and the company of another person.

I wonder what he, God, thinks of us when we lose this wonder and readiness for adventure. I don't know all the theology about if he gets sad. But if he does, losing our wonder and readiness for adventure would be something to be sad about. Just think he makes this awesome beautiful world with red headed woodpeckers, spotted skunks, bobcats, rattlesnakes, sharks and don't even get me started about all the flowers. And what do we do? We either don't see them or we ignore them and get jaded and think something like: daises, ho hum...deers, they are
Why don't we try and look at the world with a child's viewpoint. Some where in you is still that wide eyed child who found everything wondrous. Find him or her and if you just can't do it. Borrow a kid and take a walk or drive with them and look at the world through his eyes. Have an adventure. I dare you!

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