Monday, June 11, 2012


I dreamed I was flying.  Now you may think So What? I've dreamed of flying lots of times.   But I don't remember ever dreaming that before.  Actually, it was really early in the morning at my prayer time and I THINK I was sleeping.  Well whatever it was I had a "dream"  a (I shudder to call it this but..) "vision" of flying.  It was awesome!  Which is surprising because I have always been afraid of heights.  I was so relaxed and feeling so comfortable.  I was gliding along with my arms out above the tree tops.  I was over a valley, full of trees.   As I swooped down I heard the verse from the 23rd Psalms...the valley of the shadow of death....which at first scared me.  My Mom is 89 and I have always had to battle with fear since my first daughter was born.  Fear that something would happen to them.  And Paul had that pacemaker put in last year.  So fear tried to rise up in me.  But God has helped me a lot in this area.  I stand on the verse For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.  So I knew how to resist that fear.  Resisting it is an automatic response for me now.  So I was puzzled by the reference to the valley of the shadow of death.   But I kept flying and enjoying the beauty of it all.  I wanted to stay there and fly forever.

Since than I have turned it over in my mind.  What could this mean?  Sometimes things are symbolic.  I think being so peaceful and resting as I flew represented how I need to be in Jesus.  Just resting in Him.  Knowing that I can trust Him.  Last year He gave me the image of floating on the water.  How when I float, which I love to do, I am trusting the water to hold me up, relaxing, no worries about if I will sink or drown.  That is a picture of resting in God.  He will keep us through whatever happens to us in this life if we will just trust Him and rest in Him.  Also I am in an online group where the word fly means finally loving yourself.  When you can embrace the concept that God loves us so we must be valuable and we can quit beating up on ourselves and feel good about ourselves than we can start from that place of acceptance and live a good life.  Flying! So the flying represented to me, flying above.  Being okay over the valley.  But if the valley didn't represent the death of someone, than what did it represent?  Then I remembered what I've heard my pastor preach.  Do we choose life or death?  When we sin we are opening ourselves up to death.  If you interrupt it loosely:  the negatives in our life are like choosing death not life, evil not good.  So the valley represent those struggles we all have.  The struggles I have.  You know the demons you can't rid yourself of.  For instance,  if a person tries to quit smoking.  It is a battle.  A difficult, wearisome battle with yourself to do what you want but you can't seem to overcome.  I have those kinds of battles in areas and I feel like the valley represents them.  But the Lord was saying to me : Rest in me and we will fly above the problems and overcome them.

So I'm excited!  I'm looking forward to answers and to having strength as I continue my journey here on this earth.  I'm pressing in closer to God.  Praying and reading my Bible to know Him more and learn more about Him so I can trust Him and who He is.  Than I can learn more and more how to just rest in Him and fly above life's difficulties with His peace.

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