Saturday, November 24, 2012

Finally He's Here!

This has been quite an amazing week.  My middle daughter, Carla loves watching the show, The Voice.  She is a staunch Team Christina member so her friends wanted to tease her.  They gave her a hot pink Team Blake shirt as a joke.  I think I should have a Team Jack shirt. Well, Mandi, Bill and I should have Team Jack shirts. 

Who is Jack, you ask?  He is the new love in my life.  My new grand!  Born on Tuesday at 5:48 A.M. 7 pounds 7 ounces, 20 and 1/4 inches.  Long little feet.  Bright intelligent eyes.  Beautiful!  Strong lungs wailing out right away!  I know because I had the extreme pleasure of being right there with my strong amazing daughter and her loving husband during the labor and delivery.  She was born to be a mom.  And all my experience of having 3 sweet baby girls made me ready to help my Mandi as she was in labor.  It was empowering, intoxicating, exciting and tiring!  You know that kind of tired that is laced with joy.  The kind a marathon runner must feel at the finish line?  The kind the music director feels when the last word is sung of the last production of the Christmas play.  That was the tired joy I was feeling.  I told Paul "Do you know how empowering it was?  Have you ever felt that way?"  He answered, "Yes, three times!"  I laughed.  I forgot.  He said that when I called (Yes, you can call and text right from the labor room). I was laughing giddy with excitement.  It was wondrous!  If you ever get a chance to be at a birth, I recommend it highly!

It was so sweet seeing Mandi and Bill first meet little Jack Reese Lynch.  They laid him up on Mandi and she was taken back for a moment.  After all that labor and after months of waiting and days late...there he was!  A real baby! Arms and legs failing.  Little lungs wailing!  And she smiles and says softly..Hi!  One of those moments in life I will never ever forget.  So precious. And I look over at Bill and his eyes are tearing up.  Team Jack had done a great job!  God was surely good to us that morning. 

Welcome to the world Jack Reese Lynch!  Welcome to the family! 

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