Monday, December 3, 2012

Blogging? Oh Yes, I was doing that, wasn't I?

So if a person has a blog, we can assume they have a lot of thoughts floating around in their head.  Maybe even rushing around in there. Round and round! Thoughts chasing thoughts. Right?  Than why have I only blogged once since July?  Let's best ideas happen when I'm away from my computer or in the middle of something else?  Sounds like an excuse.  Perhaps I want to share my heart, my thoughts, my conclusions but I'm afraid.  FEAR!  That loathsome enemy that plagues us so often.  But I can see why.  What if I share my heart and you, my dear reader, stomp on it?  What if you thing I'm crazy or stupid.  Don't know if you know this about me but I was diagnosed with  A.D.D. 15 years ago and though I'm at peace with it and don't find myself lacking (that is a whole other post to explain about that).  I did grow up feeling stupid because of it.  So fearing feeling stupid comes easily to me.  And once you hear my thoughts that are in my head some might think I'm crazy.  
But what do we encourage our children to do?  Face the fear and plunge in anyway.  I know that growth doesn't happen without some fear involved.  I want my children and grandchildren to be brave and try new things.  I want them to never be paralyzed by fear.  Be brave and go forth and live out loud!  That's what I want for them. 
I've been learning the last few years that what I want for them I also need to want for me.  How else can I role model and inspire them?  
So on that note.  My utmost apologies for not blogging more.  I would promise to do better but let's just watch and see how I progress.  
Oh and thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog.  
One more thing.  What have you been neglecting out of fear?    QUICK name it!  We usually know what it is if we are honest with ourselves.  Now that it is in your mind, go do it!   Or at least take a step in that direction.   Be like me and take a small step.  

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