Friday, October 24, 2014

Chanel's Birthday Post.. Happy Birthday Chanel Bell

BEAUTY   I remember a little girl being born on this date on a Wednesday I believe. Chanel, you were beautiful. You had the prettiest little complexion. You still have such a pretty tone to your skin. 

BRAINS   When you were four you taught yourself to tie your own shoes and to whistle.  You were always the top of the class with Cassie and Ashley. 

RANDOM THOUGHTS  You were my longest labor time. 5 1/2 hours. It was the doctor's wife's birthday.  He was the one who suggested the little mark above the e in your name.  Oh yes, when they knew about 3 months in whether you were a boy or girl... I said no I don't want to know.  Dad was waiting in the car.  But half way down, doc's office was on the third floor, I changed my mind.  I rushed back up and smiling said "I can't wait... is it a boy or girl".. I wanted a girl.   I ran down when they told me and told dad and we were happy.   But we couldn't name you Paul and carry on the name.  Dad picked Paula but I loved Chanel.  It was after a state overseer's wife from our church organization that 
Dad was a pastor in.  Her name was spelled Shanell and her husband dedicated you at our little church Mars Hill Church of God.  She thought you were so sweet.  She gushed over you.  One time at a meeting she had her grown son come over and showed you to him.  

FAMILY  Dad was right there with me.  Mandi, who was 9, was watching Love Boat, I think when you were born. Carla, who was 2 1/2, was home with grandma.  It was in a room where they just took off the end of the bed and we delivered there.  I remember when Tricia came to visit.. she was a teen and she whispered in your ear "I'm your favorite cousin" haha.... 

GOD AND BLESSING Your name, because it is also the perfume name, makes me think of that verse that talks about the fragrance of God. May you bring the fragrance of his love wherever you go.

BIRTH ORDER  You will always be my baby.  I have that in common with you, being the baby of the family. But you seem to be more like Dad at times and he was the oldest.  A neat combination.  You are playful but strong.  The baby but a leader.  You always stir it up, don't you?  I love watching this combo play out in life.  

PRIDE  So proud of the momma you are and the homemaker you have become. I love how you can be tough on Bekki but laugh with her.  I enjoy seeing you grow in these areas.  It's a beautiful thing.  You always say you don't like kids.  But what if having kids was really the key to happiness?  What if this actually turns out to be the thing you are able to shine in?  Your destiny?  I know being your mom has been my destiny.  Know why?  God love me like that.  

LOVE   Love you so very much. John, Bekki and John Paul are blessed to have you.   Actually your whole family and your friends are blessed to have you, especially Dad and me.   

Whatever you do, wherever you go, whoever you are with I will always love you!!!   MOM