Wednesday, October 15, 2014

When I was a child....

When I was a child, my Mom read to me from a big Bible Story book.  Well, it was big to a small girl.  The cover was rather plain, but inside, now that's where the wonderful things were.  It not only contained stories, which still thrill me, but it also had the most beautiful pictures.  I didn't realize until I grew up that it contained paintings from the Masters.  Gorgeous, lovely, inspiring paintings! They were truly magnificent.  As my Mom would read I would stare at the pictures and be taken to a different time and place.

I don't know where Mom got the book from.  I doubt she understood the profound impact that book had on me.  But I know she would like it.  If I tried I might be able to get her to understand.  But she's 91 and her mind doesn't always comprehend what I try to tell her.  But I do know she intended for me to know the awesome truths held there in that book.  She did want me to love God and serve him.

She did a good thing.

I think maybe parents now a days are way too busy to read many Bible stories to their children.  I hope and pray I'm wrong.  But I know life is terribly busy.  A thousand things are calling to them. There are wonderful stories on YouTube and Roku.  But there is just something about holding a child in your lap or right snug beside you and reading to them.  Close enough to steal a kiss or hug.  

Before I forget... the paintings.  They, I believe, were the seeds of my love of beauty and the arts. I'm a creative person.  Once years ago, we went to New York and I got to see the original paintings of the Masters. It was unbelievable!  My husband had to drag me away.  I was so moved.  They spoke to me just as they had as a child. I can't paint but I love crafts and creating.  But I do enjoy art and music. Those seeds planted so long ago have enriched my life and through me my children's and grand children's.  I think art and stories make a person realize they are part of something bigger than themselves.  That we have a creator.

Funny isn't it?  Something as simple as sitting in a chair reading with full attention to a small child could help influence their lives for eternity.  What a wonderful thing!  

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  1. I love how art can impact us - it is what to is all about!