Friday, March 14, 2014

Did You Know God has a Knack?

My friend a while ago had told me about how her and her husband found old furniture and refinished and then sold it.  Restoring, repurposing it.  A little side business.  Well I was talking to her just the other day and we started to discuss their side job.  

She told me, "It is a fun thing to do, hunting down the old piece and restoring it. My husband has a real knack for seeing what can become of something that looks like it ought to be thrown out."   

Something jumped out at me.  It actually brought tears.  This is what God does.  So many of us at times may have looked like we should have been thrown out.  Other people may have looked at the mess we had made of our lives and shook their heads saying we were worthless or useless or hopeless.  We may have even pronounced that verdict on ourselves.  But our amazing heavenly Father had a knack of seeing what could become of us.  I don't know about you but he rescued me.  

Recently our church was collecting Christian books to take to the jail ministry.  A precious couple in our church has faithfully had services at the jail for years.  Many people would look at the people in the jail and see that many of them return over and over.  And they declare them in perhaps different words, something to be thrown out.  But God sees more.

The Bible holds many example: 
 Rahab was a harlot and she got in the lineage of Jesus.  
 David was an adulterer and murdered.  He became a man after God's own heart. 
 Noah got drunk.  But he is known and loved by every child that's heard his story. 
 Peter had a terrible temper and wasn't loyal when it counted. But God used him mightly in the beginnings of the church.  
The Samaritan Woman was divorced numerous times and was living with a man when she met Jesus. And her story of faith is still being told today.  

Jesus is portrayed as a shepherd who leaves his flock of 99 sheep, going out seeking the one lost lamb.  
Are you a lost lamb?  Do you feel worthless?  A mess? A mistake? Do you see no way out?  Do you believe the lies the enemy whispers to you?  The Lord doesn't.  If you will accept His help He will give you beauty for ashes.  He will do like the old song says:  He will make something beautiful of your life.  My friend and her husband take the broken old piece of furniture and they remove the ugly surface and they sand it down.  They apply an oil that coaxes the hidden beauty out of the piece.  Let God do that for you.  His son Jesus died to bring you salvation and healing and beauty.  He loves you right where you are.  He knows what you are to become.  He has a good plan for your life.  A hope and a future. 

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