Wednesday, July 30, 2014


This is a letter to John Paul who will join us in about 2 weeks

Dear John Paul-Sweet Baby Boy,

You are still in Mommy's tummy right now.  But you will join our family soon.  And we are so excited!!!  I'm your Nonna and I will sing to you and hold you and rock you and kiss you all over.  We will have a grand time.  When you are bigger I will read to you and introduce you to the people and characters that live inside the covers of books.  You will love them.  I along with others will tell you about Jesus and God.  And how you are a beautiful. wonderful gift He surprised us with.  

But I'm not the only family and friends.  You have the most amazing Poppa.  He lives at my house and he will laugh with you and teach you about music and laugh at your funny jokes, tell you what a great job you are doing when you draw him a picture.  How do I know you will be funny and like music and laughing and drawing? Because  you have a big sister that does.   Her name is Bekki and she was our first grand.  She will love you and watch over you and show you the ropes.  She is quite amazing.

You also have a beautiful Momma and a handsome Daddy.  Momma has the best laugh when she laughs out loud.  Daddy will teach you guy things a boy needs to know.  They will love you deeply and forever. You will need to be patient with them as they learn how to take care of you.  I don't think they are really prepared for the ocean of love and emotions that is about to overtake them.  They might be just the least bit scared but it will be alright.  They will nail this parenting thing, as much as a person can.  

There are others too.  I have just met your Daddy's family.  They seem quite wonderful.  And they already love you. Their eyes were shinny just thinking about you coming at the shower for you the other day.   They have raised a boy so they will be great with you and help Momma and Daddy a lot.  They know how to raise a boy. 

And you have Aunts and Uncles, cousins, great grandparents, and lots of friends already.  It will be a good life.  We will count your toes and wonder at your beauty (baby boys can be beautiful, later they become handsome).  We will feel the breathe of heaven when you breathe on us as we hold you close.  You will take our breath away at the shear joy of just being you.  You will love us all.  And we will all love you to the moon and back.

Oh baby boy!  I want you to hurry and come and yet I want to savor the anticipation of your coming.  You will be like fresh clay ready to be imprinted with our families'  unique thoughts, traits, views etc.  We will have such fun.  

But really you will teach us as much as we will teach you.  You will show us new ways to look at things, new things to like.  You will make our hearts grow bigger with room to love the tiniest gift that will be like dynamite ready to explode and change us all.   

Welcome sweet boy!!!  Welcome to the world!!

Love Nonna  


  1. Oh man...I lost a very long comment. Basically I said, YAY! Today was the day you've waited for. Now the real fun begins.

    Oh he is one blessed baby boy to have you! And in light of this glorious day, this day of celebration and rejoicing, when I heard this song playing earlier, I thought it was perfect for this day and this baby:
    "I hear babies cry,
    I watch them grow,
    They'll learn much more,
    Than I'll ever know.
    And I think to myself,
    What a wonderful world."

    It's true, we're blessed. It IS a wonderful world!