Friday, June 12, 2015

Out of Sight

See you later, Alligator.
Out the door, Dinosaur.
See you soon, Baboon.
Give a hug, Ladybug.
in an hour, Sunflower.
Better swish, Jellyfish.
Better shake, Rattlesnake.
Gotta go, Buffalo. 
Blow a kiss, Goldfish.

Jack, our little grandson, likes to watch until you are out of sight when you leave after a visit.
He says "I watch you go".  He is two. He watches until your car is out of sight.

This brought back memories of different times, different places.

I remember my Grandmothers, when I was little, waving as we drove away.  It was so hard.  We lived in Michigan and they lived in Tennessee.  That was back in the time when there were long distance charges and you only got a phone call if there was a death or someone was near death.  The call was always bad/sad news.  So goodbyes were harder and longer.  Of course, these days I live by my grands.  If they lived far away I would have a hard time saying goodbyes too.

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My brother got married when I was 10.  He moved to Indiana around that time.  We lived in Michigan, when they would come to visit we would wave and watch as they left.  As my nieces and nephew were added to the family it became even more poignant when they would leave.

As I got older and went to North Dakota.  It was so far away, leaving was really hard.  We moved around a lot, not even aware how it probably affected our families. 

I remember the last time I saw my Dad.  We were visiting and he left early in the morning while we were still in bed.  He came in and kissed me and Mandi good bye. She was just 9 months old.  He wanted to see her before he left.  We were moving to Grand Rapids, a few hours away. He was going to miss us. I didn't realize how much I was going to miss him.  That was the last time I saw him conscious.  He was in the hospital when I saw him next and than he was gone. That was a long time ago.

We have lived in Tennessee 22 years today.  We have had many good byes since being here.  Family coming and going.  I remember the girls being little and as Paul's parents left or others, we would stand outside on the lawn waving till they were out of sight.  This was mostly before we used computers and visits were few and far between.

The hardest goodbye now is when we leave my mother in law.  I know she misses Paul especially.  He is her oldest, her firstborn.  She has always been so strong.  But she tears up when we leave.  My heart hurts at her tears.  She tries to look brave.  She watches until we are out of sight.

Sometimes, in this crazy busy time we live in we forget how to say hello and how to say good bye. Watching till they are out of sight says things.  It says: you are important to me.  I will miss you.  You are in my heart. You and I.  Family. Friends. Love.  Connection. Belonging.  I have the time for you. 

So take a moment, or a few,  slow down and watch till they are out of sight.  It doesn't take but a few minutes maybe even seconds.  Let your actions speak loudly what your heart feels.

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  1. Oh Donna, this is beautiful. Your heart is so deep and rich. What great memories, what a poignant thought. Yes, we must take the time to watch what will never pass our way again!