Thursday, July 2, 2015

Guest Post by Rebekkah Ann ....Her Last Day and Her First Day of Eternity

Once upon a time there was a tiny little girl and she lived in a cottage. All of a sudden a little fairy came to her.  The fairy said come with me and I will show you.  She wasn't a fairy she was actually an angel. and out of no ware, the angel swooped the little girl up.  By the way, the little girl's name was Stephanie.

The little girl was sure she didn't know where her house was.  Because she was a foster child. Because the angel swept her up was because Jesus blew the horn for her to come to heaven.  

She loved it up there.  The streets were made of gold.  And there was no crying, sickness, desperation or pain.  She went to see Jesus one day and when she saw Jesus she also saw God.  It was the best and last day of her life on earth.  THE END by Rebbekkah Ann   

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